Architecture should be expressed as an experience which can be delivered using media and technology to enhance space user space relation.      Architecture is defined by its users.
Studying architecture at  Sir J.J. College,Mumbai and UCLA sparked my exploration of enhancing the user experience through the convergence of technology, media and user-based design. Prior to joining UCLA, I worked with Tushar Desai Associates in Mumbai designing Residential and educational K-12 schools.I have done my internship at HCP Design, Planning and Management in Ahmedabad, where I was working in the Architecture studio. This experience has enhanced my ability to think of every detail and explore how Architecture can be built as an experience sometimes through designs, drawings, practical designs, visual walkthroughs and through narrative storytelling. 
I strongly believe that “Architecture” should always be for the users. I am keen on exploring the threshold between Architecture and Media and Technology. Practical and psychologically sensitive architecture gives us a better understanding of interdependent relationships between space-user-space and how architectural experience/relationships can be enhanced for a user with technology, media and user-based design to make it more of an spatial experience for the user.​​​​​​​

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