UCLA Summer studio
Project by :  Akshada Muley | Neha Oswal | Alekya Malladi | Aishwarya Rajasekar
Instructors: Leah Wulfman
The project explores fundamental questions of VR (Virtual Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) and World-building. It is a starting step towards world-building using state of the art tools for capturing and visualizing space and materials. It aims to step into an introduction to game engines and interactive VR applications for architects, but also towards surveying and learning contemporary techniques and emerging ideas to capture, draw, model, and render space and objects in time, especially real time !
The team is on a mission in a post-apocalyptic data center, abandoned by corporate conglomerates. These vigilantes come to harvest society’s last bits of data. They search among the water drenched server racks for any documentation of society’s online history (from YouTube videos, memes, videos of wildfires continents away). The conglomerates no longer maintain and actively store our data, so these individuals piece together digital histories, swimming through the last server racks to access what was. The servers are still running, but just jumbled and half broken with half broken digital history that needs piercing together.

Self Character Design according to Mo-Cap Suit recording.

A documentation video showing the data hunters on a mission.

The image shows the game view and the character designs of all the team members - The data Warriors.

“Data hunter” on the mission.

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